What Happened to Critical Thinking?

The world seems to be blowing apart these days. Part of the problem is an increasingly vocal segment of younger societal revolutionaries who apparently, are attracted to activism for activism sake. I say this because the causes they take up are so devoid of supporting facts, that it makes no other sense. Whether it is Planned Parenthood, anti-policing, black genocide or Donald Trumps alleged racism, many young people today don’t seem to be persuaded or dissuaded by the relevant data.

Let’s start with the Planned Parenthood shootings. Some guy, who is obviously in need of some psychological help, decides to shoot some innocent workers at a place where he perceives injustice occurring. Is he speaking for any group of people? No. Does he represent anybody other than himself? No. Yet, the main stream media is busy blaming anyone and everyone who opposes Planned Parenthood’s body parts operation.

Planned Parenthood was clearly implicated when seen discussing the operation on hidden video. Some are very upset about these videos, claiming they were illegally made. Well, does that absolve them of the obscene practices they indulge in. No, it does not. Do you think it may have more to do with the half a billion in government funding they receive each year? No, probably nothing to do with money.


When Islamist terrorists commit atrocities, the mainstream media and liberal officials say, it’s not Muslims doing this and anyone who equates Muslims with terrorist acts is guilty of islamophobia. So why is it that when a lone gunman plays out his twisted form of justice, all conservatives are woman haters and are to blame for the attack? Of course they are not. That is like saying because President Roosevelt rounded up all the Japanese in WWII, that all Democrats are racist .

Why is it when presidential candidate Donald Trump says something has to be done about the boarder to stop criminal illegal aliens from entering the United States, he is labeled a racist? Of course the loudest voices on this issue are those who have much to gain from unlimited unfettered access to the American citizenry tax dollars. Others may be interested in the new voting block. There seems to be an awful hard push to allow illegals to vote.

It is clear the Democrats are allowing unrestricted immigration for the purposes of shoring up their cascading fall from popularity. Since President Obama has taken over, the Democrats have lost over 900 seats.

Daily Caller

900 seats

Could this be why the federal government is placing thousands of immigrants in republican heavy states?

Getting back to Donald Trump. He made a statement that many of the immigrants crossing the border are rapists and murderers. This sent liberal activists and immigration front groups out of their minds. An explosion of accusations of Trump being a racist hit the internet and network news outlets. Why? what did he say that was so racist? Well, those who are apposed to any borders or regulations keeping immigrants from your tax dollars, in the form of welfare, benefits and so forth, were wining that he labeled all immigrants as rapists and murderers. He did nothing of the sort. He said criminals were part of the wave of illegal crossings. Certainly anyone who heard Trump knows this. Or, are the illegal support groups saying there are no criminals streaming across the boarder?

In the last couple of years, the state of Texas alone has deported over two thousand illegal aliens involved in sex offenses, one thousand of which were sexual offence convictions against children. Where are the woman’s rights advocates and the media on this issue? two thousand woman and children were sexually assaulted by men who had no business being in the United States in the first place.

U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates From Prisons:

So it looks like Trump was correct in being concerned about criminal illegal aliens endangering American citizens. Why do so many propagate the narrative that anyone who is against importation of criminal aliens is a racist? No conservatives has ever said anything about stopping immigration, only stopping the tsunami and getting back to regulated immigration. We often here the catch phrase that the US immigration is broken when actually, it is just fine. Unless you want unrestricted waves of immigration pouring in, taking advantage of the growing welfare state and taking citizens jobs. I know how America could reduce their eleven million illegals by almost half pretty quickly. Deport the 40% 0f illegals who have stayed past their visa stay? They signed legal documents swearing, they would return to their countries once their visas expired. I guess that is racism too.

Ferguson shooting? 

Here is a incident were a thug who had just robbed a convenience store, attacked a police officer and was shot dead. Some witnesses lied about what they saw and later recanted their stories when evidence showed the narratives were not lining up with the facts. The officer was attended to at the hospital for a bashed in face. Perpetrated on him when the thug tried to take his gun. These facts that came out later had no effect though as the media and even President Obama propagated the lie that the thug they referred to as, an unarmed youth, had his hands up and complying with police when shot.

Black Lives Matter. Of course they do, every life matters. Black activists are accusing police of attempted genocide. Is this accurate or just a little blown out of proportion? It is true that there have been incidents where police have over stepped their authority of use of force. Even one incident where a black man was choked to death for selling cigarettes on the street. Tragic and regrettable. But, three of the six police attending the scene were black. The senior officer on scene was also black. Here are some statistics that support black genocide:

Although blacks make up about 13% of the U.S. population, they account for about 34% of abortions. In the black community, abortion rate is almost 50% of pregnancies. 472 abortions per 1000 live births according to the CDC 2010 report.

back death stats

“Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black.” Erma Clardy Craven (deceased) Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader; Blackgenocide.org

A study by Richard Johnson PhD, University of Toledo shows that between January 2009 and December 2012, police were responsible for approximately 372 deaths annually. Compared to and estimated 330 persons struck by lightening each year. Of the 1,491 deaths due to use of force  by police between ’09 and ’12, 61.4% were white males. 32.2% where black males. Of the 56,259 homicides between ’09 and ’12, 19,000 (33.8%) deaths were black males. 481 (2.5%) by police use of force, 648 (3.4%)were justifiable homicides by citizens defending themselves. Of the 648 justifiable homicides by private citizens in the USA, 73% were black citizens.


Conversely, in the same time period, 2.5% of blacks were killed by police, 40% were murdered by black males. 90% of black killings over the same time frame were committed by other black males.

Blacks in the United States make up approximately 13% of the population but commit 54% of the homicides according the the Department of Justice

Clearly there is a disconnect here between the facts and the rhetoric. If more young people looked into the causes before jumping on board, it would be much harder for activists groups to rally support. It makes me question what the real motives are. It does not take a lot of critical thinking and fact checking to unravel the nonsense that is taking place in many of the social arenas today. Are these people honest and just misinformed, or do they have an agenda?

So lets summarize, 1/2 of all blacks are killed in the womb. Of the half that are allowed to live, one third  can expect to be victims of homicide, of which, 90% will be perpetrated by members of their own race, while 2.5% as a result of police use of force. The over whelming  cause of black death is black males, according to the FBI. I guess blaming law enforcement is easier than looking at yourself. If by some miracle, there were no more police involved shootings of blacks, would eradicate the alleged genocide?


These are frightening statistics but who are the black leaders and activists furious with, police? Clearly the police are not the genocidal maniacs the activists would like you to believe they are. yes, there have been some isolated incidents and they are dealt with. If the anti-police activism was really about justice, they would be just as outraged about the whites that are killed by black and white officers, but they are not. The race baiters need to take a good hard look at the statistics with some introspective if any real change is going to occur.

Activists may be driven by emotion or racism but the media has no excuse. Wait, is it possible any race can be racist, including blacks? Reporters have the access and the resources to obtain the correct factual information, yet the rhetoric and false narrative is vomited into the public square. So what is the endgame? why do main stream media outlets allow false information to make headlines. Why are many of them complicit as they refuse to disseminate the facts and present balanced and accurate information? What has happened to education that students are so easily coopted by lies and misinformation?


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