PC Libs Risking Canadian’s


Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty ImagesToronto

Today, CBS News has just broke a story that U.S. assets overseas have uncovered a terrorist plan that targets Toronto.

Prime Minister Trudeau, our self proclaimed pot smoking leader, is telling Canadians that he is vetting Syrian refugees to insure our security. I am not sure what he is doing, that the entire intelligence and law enforcement communities in the United States are saying they cannot do.

One strategy Trudeau purports is only admitting families, woman and children. Well, that didn’t work out so well for San Bernardino California. where one of the shooters, a wife and mother, immigrated on a fiancee visa with her 6 month old child. They managed to kill fourteen and wound twenty two others.

Trudeau thinks its better to pull our troops out of the Middle East, as he did right after being elected, and invite the danger here instead. No one is saying all Muslims are dangerous, they are saying separating the terrorists from the refugees at this time is to problematic.

Not only has ISIS bragged about infiltrating refugee streams, a report from ABC NEWS has now come out that ISIS may have passport printers and a cash of blank passports. But hey, lets open our shores to tens of thousands of potential security risks, just so some can revel in their moral superiority and political correctness.

And, why is the media and social crusaders silent about the thousands of Christians that have been raped, beheaded and shot in the Middle East? Why aren’t we bring any them here? There is a Christian genocide occurring and yet the moral left is silent. Christians have no were to go in Muslim dominated Middle East. There have been numerous videos released of unimaginable brutality against Christians without even a peep by the left or the mainstream media.

I wonder if ISIS sees Canada’s politically correct liberals and open border with the USA as exploitable?




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