PC-Immigration-The American Demize


God bless America? This has become an offensive phrase in a country that was not only valued the blessing of God, but staked its very existence on him.

“We’ve staked our future on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments with all our heart.”James Madison

American society is in flux with its social fabric unraveling before us. Political word speak is stifling and confusing a once great nation. They have a president who scolds the citizenry on a regular basis and a media who have left objectivity behind, becoming instead, surrogates for one party or the other. Riots, accusations of systemic racism abound from social commentators to political leadership. Collage campuses are demanding free tuition while railing against free speech because it hurts their feelings.

It seems that everything that was once synonymous with being American is now not only being frowned upon, but is being protested against. The American dream and what America has stood for has been sought after by millions of immigrants for hundreds of years. Millions from the world over are  trying to escape the tyranny, oppression, danger and or poverty of their own countries to make a better life for themselves in the land of liberty.  What has happened to the United States of America, that once great nation that is now in peril of losing its very identity?

The beginning

The founding fathers who had fled religious tyranny of Britain, set out to establish a new nation, one of liberty and prosperity for all. Fifty six brave men came together in 1776 and wrote the Declaration of  Independence,  declaring the thirteen colonies a sovereign nation. The Constitution of the United States was signed in 1787 along with  James Madison, quoted above, penned the first ten amendments called the Bill of Rights that was ratified in 1791.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

It is clear, the founders established all people equal, so that no one and no religion would be dictated by government and forced upon the people. Though slavery was a blight among the states, concessions were necessary to bring the southern states in to form the union. Some argue the founding fathers were flawed, of course they were just as we are, but remember, it was the brilliance of the founding documents, penned by these flawed men, that later generations found the authority to free the slaves.

It is also clear, that government was the servant of the people and at such time that the government may become coercive or damaging to the people, the people can abolish it. Unalienable rights are not given by government, but by God.

Lest anyone wonder or be offended, God was not only recognized but is inextricably connected to the foundation of what would become the greatest nation on earth. A nation of liberty, prosperity, security, law and order. Without law and order, there can be no liberty or peace.

What Has Happened?

The depth and breadth of Americas sickness is far too extensive to cover in this blog but we can take a look at some overarching problems. If these are not corrected, will lead to continued decline and possibly even destruction. Here are four problems I see contributing to Americas decline; representation, immigration, political correctness and identity crisis. I am looking at these to address the social decline. Insurmountable debt will also bring down a nation. The United States currently has 200 trillion in unsecured debt with a fiscal operating debt of 18 trillion that is climbing every day.


America has developed a professional political class that is no longer representative of the people. For some time now, it hasn’t seemed to matter who was elected to power, nothing really changed. For example, the last election saw a massive change from Democrats to Republicans as the citizenry revolted against Obama’s policies. The Republican campaign platform was about stopping Democratic President Obama’s illegal immigration agenda, securing the border, ending fiscal suicide spending, as well as repealing Obama Care.

When the newly elected officials reached Washington the people were hopeful things would change, but they did not. Bloated spending bills continued to be passed with little to no opposition from the newly elected members of government. While Speaker of the House Boehner was publicly condemning spending, Obama Care and illegal immigration, he was secretly cutting a deal to fund all of it, which the Republicans did. The outcry was loud and clear, Boehner was retired and Speaker Ryan is elected by the members of the House. Shortly afterwards, Ryan pushes through a giant 2,000 page omnibus spending bill of 1.1 trillion dollars, funding every program the people elected them to stop.

President Obama routinely over reaches his authority by bypassing congress and enacting laws via executive orders, in direct violation of the separation of powers clause in the Constitution.

The Republicans who were supposed to hold the Democrats accountable, lied to their constituents and reneged on their campaign promises. Remarkably, Republicans said they were unable to do anything despite have a majority in the House and the Senate. They have the power of the purse which means they control the spending and could have exorcised the will of the people by defunding the programs the people elected them to stop.

Obama’s plan he says, is to fundamentally transform America. What that means is up for discussion but that is indeed what he is accomplishing. The US citizen is subjected to a steady diet of condemnation from their President and elected officials. For example, they are told that America has racism in its DNA, and there is systemic discrimination in its law enforcement community. A thug in Ferguson Missouri was shot while trying to take an officers weapon while beating him in the face. President Obama admonished the police before facts were even available. He (Obama) and his Attorney General Eric Holder, helped turn Ferguson into a race riots by alluding that the white officer was part of a racist system.

Under Obama’s  leadership, millions of refugees and illegal aliens have pored across the borders. He has allowed “sanctuary cities” to defy federal law by giving illegal aliens not only safe harbor, but also legal US documents like drivers licenses. They have also received work visas and benefits courtesy of the US tax payer. The average American feels betrayed by their government. November 2015 Gallup poll shows congressional approval at 11% and disapproval of 86%.


The United States has never had open borders or mass immigration until recent years. It has many laws governing the entry of persons. Those who are supporters of open borders say the immigration system is broken but it is not. It has been working for over a hundred years. The purpose of immigration is for the betterment of the country. Persons immigrating historically have had to demonstrate they will enhance the communities in which they will be living and not be a hindrance.

Historically, when foreigners immigrated to the States, it was to become Americans. Yes, they kept their cultural identity and traditions, but the goal was to assimilate into American society adopting American traditions as well.

The US has a visa program that allows visitors to stay for extended lengths of time for work, education or other legitimate reasons. After which they leave in accordance with the affidavit they signed promising to leave when the said visa expires. Currently about 40% of the illegal immigrants in the United States are visa over stays. That could represent five to six million people that left homes to get to the States and could easily return to.

Today, if you are apposed to illegal immigration and press for adherence of law in regard to border enforcement, a large segment of the population including elected officials and media, label you as a racist or xenophobe. When did following the rule of law make you a racist in America? It may have begun when the highest officials in the land began to flout the law themselves. If the leaders of a nation violate their own laws, society is going to follow.

Why is responsible immigration limits essential to any nation? what happens when immigration is unregulated? Society begins to break down, why? Those who immigrate need time to assimilate. If too many immigrate too fast, they don’t assimilate. Additionally, infrastructure is strained while trying to cope with the influx of people. For example, schools are full of children who can’t speak the language of the land and so fall behind or are isolated. Housing becomes an issue, as does social programs as they are overrun by the volume of recipients. Crime rises as resources fail to meet the needs and work prospects diminish both for the immigrant and the citizen.

When a country moves from regulated legal immigration to illegal open immigration, that is when things really begin to deteriorate. Obama has allowed millions of people across the borders at a time when 92 million citizens are out of work. Illegals are arriving by the train load as news of the countries leaders support for open borders reaches South America.

This lawless attitude by the nations officials emboldens groups of people who once were afraid to be found out for fear of being deported, are now protesting openly in the nations capital, demanding their rights, and accusing those who uphold the rule of law of racism. America is a nation of citizens, not immigrants.

When you populate a nation with large numbers from other cultures whereby changing community demographics, assimilation stops as isolated communities grow. The US is beginning to see the start of what is being experienced in the UK, where there are ethnic areas in London police are not even allowed to go..

illegal immigration isn’t fair to the citizens, or the legal immigrants. Jobs, resources, housing, education are all effected and everyone suffers as a result. No nation can take in endless numbers of foreign nationals and survive as a nation. Germany, Sweden and the UK are suffering real effects from unrealistic immigration policies.

American culture is evaporating as more and more of its traditions are unacceptable or offensive to those entering the country. Many of those who come to the United States today are not wanting to become Americans, and brazenly demand it is America that needs to assimilate. There is something desperately wrong when a university bans its own nations flag because it is offensive to immigrants.

Political Correctness

Why is political correctness a problem? Isn’t it just sensitivity and respect for others? Too often it grows into over sensitivity and can become dangerous. Take for instance the San Bernardino terrorist attack. A neighbor was reluctant to report a group of suspicious Middle Eastern men hanging around the shooters home, for fear of being called a xenophobe. PC is so rampant it is stifling discourse and is used to censor and control. Campuses all over america are ripping out offensive objects, taring down monuments and statues, even banning fiesta parties because they are considered offensive to a certain ethnic group. Political correctness at its worst, suspended a student from school for wearing a shirt that honors those who have given their lives in defense the liberty.

In one incident, an undercover reporter told a school administrator she found the Constitution  oppressive and asked if it could be shredded, and the administrator said yes, would you like to do with with me? Yale, Syracuse and Cornell administrators destroyed copies of the Constitution, calling the document obscene material and a flawed document written by flawed individuals.

Identity Crisis

Because of education, political correctness and unrestricted immigration America is in the throws of an identity crisis. The Leftist education system is failing students who are ranked 36th in the world despite the expenditure per student being the 5th largest.

When the leader of a country demeans the nation by deriding its citizens and history, there is going to be consequences. Remember, Obama did say his goal was to fundamentally change America. It would be a rare interview or speech from the President that didn’t contain derogatory statements about the United States. He often praises illegal immigrants, even defending terrorists and thugs while scolding his own citizens. At the United Nations he told China to be careful not to make the same mistakes America has and in another speech accuses the country of having racism in its DNA. On the 150th anniversary of the end of slavery, where 750,000 died, including 360,222 northern soldiers gave their lives so others could walk free he said this,

 “We would do a disservice to those warriors of justice, Tubman and Douglas, and Lincoln and King, were we to deny that the scars of our nation’s original sin are still with us today.

At an NAACP convention in Philadelphia Obama said the US Justice system is flawed because too many blacks are arrested.

It is difficult for a nation to keep a sense of identity when its leaders are campaigning to transform it by importing far more people than can be assimilated, by shaming its citizens and dividing races. Political correctness has the nation running in circles afraid of speaking while academics coddle the young and nourish their neurosis. Teaching them to avoid confrontation instead of steadying them despite opposition. A wise man once said,

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” Abraham Lincoln

America has lost her identity. Sure, there is no shortage of politician sound bites telling us what America was or is or isn’t.

One only has to go to the founding documents and federalist papers to get an education of what it meant to be American. Look at the history of accomplishments, exceptionalism, bravery and steadfastness that made the United States the greatest nation on earth. America has always been the nation the peoples of the earth have wanted to escape to. Why, because its people have a reputation for generosity, tolerance, liberty, conviction and bravery. American solders have left their blood in every hell hole on earth in the name of freedom for all. How dare anyone, bring its citizens in disrepute after the great cost they have made, and continue to make for others liberty.

Secure your borders as is your right, raise up some real statesmen to reinvigorate the masses through discipline and encouragement. Find your footing and retake your roll as leader of the free world, make America great again.


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