Bernie Sanders: Trump Says We have to Hate Mexican’s and Muslim’s

The video has been taken down, I am not surprised.

Why do media outlets allow lying without challenge?

On Face the Nation, Bernie Sanders appeals to the ignorant and uniformed by inciting a narrative that is completely false. What did he say? He says Trump has taken the frustrations American’s have, about not being able to send their children to collage, and job losses to off shore manufacturing, and is blaming Mexican’s and Muslim’s.

“Look, the reason for our problems is because of Mexican’s. and and and he says, their all criminals and rapists, we gotta hate Mexican’s. Or he says about the Muslim’s, their all terrorists, we have to keep them out of the country” 

It amazes me why the Democrats fail to understand why their hate campaign on Trump isn’t succeeding. Out and out lying isn’t helping their cause.

What Sanders is referring to, is Trump’s comments about unrestricted waves of illegal aliens crossing the border. He “Trump”, accurately pointed out that many of the illegals are committing felony crime including murder, rape and kidnapping. Between 2008 and 2014, illegal aliens accounted for 38% of all murders in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, despite being only 5.6% of the population of those states. As far as his comments about stopping Muslim immigration, “temporarily”, until measures could be assessed to weed out terrorists. Terrorists that ISIS has bragged have infiltrated refugee streams and are entering the west. A more in depth dissection of the lefts rhetoric can be read HERE.

This same narrative is getting old and still is not working. Lets face it, Sanders hasn’t got a chance as Clinton is the golden girl with the fix in. The DNC has no intention of allowing anyone to challenge Hillary but he can try and do some damage to the Republican candidates. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they think the American public are stupid and ignorant.

With all the xenophobia and racism comments being thrown around you would think the Republicans were anti-people, but the left media and politicians don’t and won’t mention that 53% of people polled back in November agreed to stop Syrian refugees from entering the United States. Among those were 47 House Democrats who voted yes to a bill to send the refugees back.

This is why the rhetoric is getting so outlandish. Why the lying is getting even more overt. The left is desperate to stop the trend of common sense gripping the nation.



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