323,999 Unarmed Killed in 2014


The 2014 Planned Parenthood (PP) report has been released, showing that although business was down slightly, they still managed to end 323,999 lives last year. How much revenue was made from illegally sold organs and tissues I guess we will never know.

General services may be down 11%, but the United States government has just increased their funding by over $25,000,000.00. How much does PP, a private corporation receive of your tax dollars this year? Over 1/2 a Billion dollars. Of that, over $460 million went to subsidize elective, on demand abortions.

On a positive note, business and private funding is down, probably due to the deplorable policy of selling baby parts for profit as shown by the undercover videos that where released. They also uncovered how PP would organize the method of death around preserving the more expensive and profitable organs and tissues.

VISIT HERE to learn about the grossly elective nature of abortion in the United States, as the question about when a baby becomes a human is discussed by a father of a 24 week preemie.


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