Another Day Another Attack that Has NOTHING to do With Muslim’s

phili shooting

A white Philadelphia police officer was just attacked by a Muslim maniac who shot him 3 times in the name of Islam. The suspect also said the attack was partly because police enforce laws contrary to the Quran.

Islam is not just a religion, it is a spiritual and civil governing ideology that mandates the subjugation of all other societies that do not convert.

There seems to be no shortage of white non Muslim ISLAMIC apologists, who know nothing about the religion, saying that the onslaught of ISIS attacks have nothing to do with Muslims, or Islam. Despite the insistence of the self identified Islamist’s, who are killing in the name of Islam.

Democrats and media leftist rhetoric condemns acknowledging ISLAMist extremism with ISLAM, they insist it increases terrorist recruitment. Yet open borders and refusing to even say the words Radical Islamist’s helps quell the tide of violence.

Has anyone thought that ignoring the message of these obviously committed Muslim extremists by blaming their attacks on everything from global warming to work place violence may infuriate them? They go to great lengths to promote their actions as obedience to the ISLAMIC god.

These Islamist’s, men, boys, young woman and mothers, are murdering, stabbing, raping, kidnapping and giving their own lives in the name of ISLAM, their prophet and their god. They clearly take responsibility for their actions and without hesitation, even with pride, declaring their actions are in obedience to their ISLAMIC god. Don’t you think, telling the world they don’t represent true ISLAM may add to their rage?

Many Muslim’s hate Jews and Christians, not all, but a significant number. A Muslim U.S. State Department representative Lina Allan, has said that Jew’s are animals and prohibiting their stabbings is a form of animal rights,  not human rights. In 2012, she was a State Department U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) representative.

  • Philly Mayor: The Jihadist Who Shot A Police Officer Has ‘Nothing To Do With Being A Muslim’…After being arrested, the terrorist said that he conducted the assassination attempt on behalf of the Islamic State
  • Theresa May: the Paris attacks ‘have nothing to do with Islam’
  • Islamic husband and wife/mother, wound 27 and kill 14 in San Bernardino California. Obama says, it looks like workplace violence then the media try to blame the murderous racist rampage on Christian bigotry.
  • Immigrants attacked a local Christian in Perugia last January and then smashed and urinated on a Madonna statue.
  • 27 dead, Radisson Blue hotel in Mali came under attack by jihadists armed with AK-47s. Shooters tested hostages’ Koran  knowledge  before slaughtering people.
  • FORT HOOD; Nidal Hasan killed 13 people. Hasan, a Muslim, did not want to shave his beard as it is an expression of his faith. Interesting that CBS news stated Hasan wanted a bible when in actuality, it was a Koran he wanted.
  • 147 killed by four Islamist gunmen at Kenyan university. Witness said only non Muslims were shot.
  • 67 murdered by al-Shabab Islamic gunmen at Nairobi West Gate Mall.
  • Islamic militants massacred 126 children in Peshawar Pakistan.
  • 11 Christians beheaded by ISIS is Aleppo, Syria
  • Islamic State beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. April 2015
  • 200 Assyrian Christians kidnapped and later three murdered by Muslim militants. Nov 2015
  • 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by Islamic State militants. Feb 2015
  •  NEWSWEEK; “Earlier this month, two women killed 13 people in Fotokol, Cameroon, in a suicide bombing. Both women were wearing a veil and long, religious garments which covered their bodies and the bombs they used. As a result, officials in Cameroon’s Far North region banned such Islamic attire.” Feb 2015
  • Muslim extremists with suicide belts open fire. One was arrested following an attack on tourists at the Three Pyramids Hotel in Egypt” Jan 2016

There is deafening silence from Muslim leaders as Western leaders frantically deny any association between Muslim Jihadists and Muslims. There have been some to come out against the Paris attacks but other than that very few statements regarding all the other attacks.

Clearly the terrorists link their actions to the Koran and the Muslim leaders should educate the public as to who exactly are the innocent in the Quran and who are sanctioned for death.

  • AMSTERDAM IMAM; “The harsh reality is that the attackers theologically legitimize their actions. We can not avoid it. We can not continue saying that this has nothing to do with Islam”,

In 2011, 7% of American Muslims told Pew  that “suicide bombing and violence against civilians is justified to defend Islam against its enemies sometimes.”

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam in the United States says, white people deserve to die to cheers and clapping from his followers. Where was the leftist uproar, where were the hate speech social justice warriors when he said that?

Christians and Jews are being targeted all over the Muslim world and the leaders of the liberal PC morality ignores it, or worse, blames the victims while running interference for the perpetrators. For example, the mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker, blamed the NYE mass rapes and assaults on woman by Muslim mobs, on the woman. Reker is publishing rules of conduct for a popular upcoming festival but its not for the criminal refugee mobs, it’s for the woman. Even the German Chancellor Merkel Says: “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal”. No, we don’t!

See my other blog  Muslim Extremists, or Just Muslim’s. The vast majority of Muslims are not violent bigots, but there are a significant number who are, or agree with others who are.  Denying there is no connection between ISLAM and the violence is infantile and dangerous, as Germany is finding out now.


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