84% of Americans Support Abortion Restrictions


abortion reasons

The standing abortion narrative is that American’s are split on the abortion issue. This is only true in regards to the numbers of people who self identify as pro-abortion or pro-life advocates. The problem is, this arbitrary percentage is not an accurate assessment of abortion views that currently undergird abortion policy in the United States and Canada.

HERE you can read actual statistics about abortion rates and woman’s health in North America. They will put to rest the falsehoods and fallacies propagated by abortion groups.

“Most Americans, 84%, agree there should be significant restrictions and safe guards associated with the procedure including limits to within the first three months of pregnancy”

A January 2015 Marist Poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus, has been released in the United States that shows eight out of ten American’s SUPPORT abortion regulation. Only 17% support the kind of unregulated, abortion on demand policies that Canada has adopted.

The pro-abortion / pro-life split is about equal. But what those numbers don’t show are the range of views on each side. Does it surprise you to learn the poll shows 84% of Americans side with significant restrictions for abortion? Surprisingly, 82% of pollsters who were woman, agreed that abortion should be limited to the first trimester (3 months).

“There is little support for using tax dollars to pay for a woman’s abortion. 68% of Americans, regardless of gender, oppose the use of public funding for this purpose.”

The November 15th poll also showed that the vast majority of American woman, 68% opposed government funded abortion. This includes a majority of self identified pro-choice supporters.


76% of millennials are in favor of abortion restrictions. The poll also shows that 60% of Americans, including 29% of pro-choice advocates, believe abortion is morally wrong.

Patrick Kelly, vice president for public policy for the Knights of Columbus said Tuesday,

“When we think or hear about American’s opinions on abortion, the debate is too often reduced to the percentage who identify with the labels ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice,’ … “It is certainly easy to think that way, but it is neither accurate nor helpful, nor in fact does it represent reality.”

“Overall, 59% of Americans think abortion does more harm than good to a woman in the long-run.”

So, why do so many of us believe the majority of American’s are pro-choice and believe abortion at any cost is a woman’s right?

Too often, policy is governed not by a democratic majority, but by the loud voices of a minority, funded by the deep pockets of special interest groups who stand to profit millions if government funding and policies go their way.


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