Anti-Christian Teaching in Canada?


“The government in power in Syria, the so-called ‘Assad Regime’ named for the current president, Assad, is Christian and the rebels are Muslim. As a result, most of the refugees are Muslims.”

More and more we are seeing Christian hate in the United States and Canada. In Syria, Christians are being wiped out as is their entire culture, as Muslims erase any and all remnants of Christianity from the countryside.

Below is an excerpt from a lesson plan for a children of a school in Alberta Canada discussing the Syrian refugee crisis. In it, the lesson plan tells students that Assad, the current Muslim dictator fighting for control of Syria is a Christian, suggesting it is Christians that are killing and terrorizing Muslims, forcing them to leave.

assad christian

Of course, this is total nonsense and flagrant misinformation. When a mother of one of the students complained and objected to the false statements, the teacher’s explanation for the misinformation was dodgy at best. She said it was information she had seen on a documentary. The funny part, if there can be one, is at the bottom of the lesson plan, the students are told they must cite their sources. To bad the teacher doesn’t follow her own rules.

assad christian2



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