Black Lives Matter 13.2%?

spike lee

The news is full of Black activists crying there is unequal black representation in companies, television shows and politics. For those who may be whining inequality, or white systemic racism, or white privilege, here is something to think about.

African American’s only make up 13.2% of the U.S. population verses 62.6% that are white, making them approximately 1/8 of the US population. Yet, black activists are racism because there are more whites than blacks here or there in the establishment. There are 5 times as many whites in American than blacks, so proportionately, there are going to be more whites than any other race represented in business, entertainment and politics.

Hispanic/Latino’s make up 17% of the US population so by some activists logic, there should be a great representation of Hispanics than blacks in society. This is just another rise in white hatred.

Why do black activists refuse to tackle the major issues facing the black community instead of engaging in anti-white racism. Issues like the genocide of black America via abortion and black on black murder. Could it be because the real issue is white hatred and not helping the black community? Almost 1/2 of all black births end in the unarmed death of the baby. Or, lets talk about the big secret no one wants to discuss but everyone knows, the genocide of black on black murders which between 1980 and 2008 reached 93% of all blacks murdered, according to the US Department of Justice.

black on black murders


homicide by race

Yes, cops kill unarmed blacks, but statistics show cops kill even more whites They should be and are being prosecuted, but black society cannot go on ignoring the genocide right in their own community. Spike Lee is the first voice I have heard confronting this unwillingness to look at the fact blacks are killing themselves in great numbers.

Racism against whites may be the new flavor of the month with activists and liberal media, but it isn’t doing anything but dividing the nation and adding to the existing problems.

So, maybe all the celebrity and political social warriors who like to think they are politically correct and down with the struggle, could put some energy towards the greater issues that will make a real difference. Blaming whites for all the problems is not the answer, nor is demanding equal representation when you are only 13% of a population.






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