Abortion Received Standing Ovation

After a pro-abortion documentary was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, four abortion providers who secretly attended, stood up afterwords and received a standing ovation, as reported by Breitbart News.



Above is a blurred Image from lifesitenews.com of an aborted little girl. *WARNING*, the clear and graphic picture is HERE. For many, this child is not considered a human being morally, or by law in the United States or Canada. To put it bluntly, these children are not considered at all.

The picture, as is the subject matter, graphic, horrific and and upsetting, it should be. Your sensibilities should be offended and disgusted that the child laying dead on that table has no human rights, no defense and no choice.  It sickens me that anyone would stand up and proudly receive applause for the death and torture of unarmed, defenseless, unborn human beings.

This little girl was aborted because of a one child policy in China. In Canada, a woman would not need a reason to end this life even if her due date was the next day. In the United States, the abortion lobby pushes to remove any and all restrictions on abortion, praising Canada for their forward progressive thinking.

Abortion is the law of the land they say, so it is ok to kill this little girl and many like her. Well, today, that little girl could have lived, because the law of the land was changed, but there is little comfort for the parents who have to live with the loss and the baby who is dead.

A civil law handed down my 4 or 5 judges, does not make abortion morally right. Slavery and segregation was once the law of the land too, by decree of the Supreme Court of the United States. Many then, used the same argument as the abortion lobby uses today. Arguments like; they are not human, it’s the law of the land. It’s our right to own slaves, its a human rights issue.

abortion reasons

86 to 92% of abortions in the United States are elective, having nothing to do with the health or security of the woman. Even when there were laws protecting the unborn, a mothers life always took precedence over the unborn child. This lie about protecting woman is a smoke screen propagated by those who profit from abortion and by the feminist empowerment agenda. Planned Parenthood receives a 1/2 billion tax payer dollars a year, plus what ever they were making on selling aborted body parts.

In Canada there is unrestricted “on demand” abortion. Canada is the only country in the world with this policy. In the United States, the vast majority (84%) of people support abortion restrictions including 57% who are strongly pro-choice advocates.


Abortion is a serious and solemn affair. A life is ended and for people to stand and applaud the practice is disgusting. At most, hearts should be heavy in keeping with the gravity of ending the life of an unborn human being, not clapping and cheering.

Would it surprise you to know that almost 70% of abortions in the United States are because of financial considerations or people say they don’t want it. What kind of a society allows a minority of its citizens to determine human life is a throw away commodity?

Dr. Willie Parker, one of the abortion providers to pat himself on the back said this;

“For me, it was a question of my humanity… I had to choose that I wasn’t going to be more of a man than I was going to be a human being,…”

Then he goes on to compare what he does to Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves. OMG! is he serious? I am speechless that this man elevates himself and proclaim his humanity while killing the most vulnerable human beings in society.

Amy Hagstrom Miller sees her work as “a human rights issue”. When asked by people what she does for a living, she tells them,

“…my quest to create a place where women can get the care they deserve, so they can exercise their right to full humanity and dignity… I work in the stigma-eradication, self-esteem boosting, identity-examination business.”

Another of the abortion providers taking in the accolades was Dalton Johnson, owner of the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center, who said he was;

“glad” to be “fighting the good fight”

June Ayers, owner and director of Reproductive Health Services said providing abortions

“feeds [her] soul… I get up every morning and I have the opportunity to help women with every phone call that comes in, with every appointment I can make. I have the opportunity to do what I love, which is taking care of patients. And that gives me the courage to get up every day … I am a strong and independent woman, I have always been that way. I feel like if a woman’s right to choose is taken away from her, then she is not empowered, and [we want] to continue to empower women.””

Their arrogance is staggering, matched only by vainglorious absurdity. Nobody has any regard for the loss of life involved. Not only is there no empathy, or compassion from these wannabe Nobel laureates for the human lives that are ending, they are dispassionate to the tortuous way many of these helpless little ones die. Their words are full of self aggrandizement, the importance of their work, and the promotion of the feminist empowerment agenda.

Abortion should be a last resort, as in the threatened life of a mother or twin, or possibly when the baby has horrible irreparable deformities, or severe diminished capacities. These decisions can be beyond difficult and seem impossible to make in a small number of cases, I know, I have lost a son at 27 weeks and a daughter. My daughter had trisomy 18 and we were aware of this before she was born. Sara only lived for 45 minutes after her birth. I get it, it is hard to process, it’s terrible to think about ending a life, at least it should be, but too often it’s not, it’s about convenience. It certainly shouldn’t be accompanied with cheers and applause.

North America ends one and a half million lives a year, one million just in the United States. 900,000 of them because they could not afford them or just didn’t want them. 1/2 of all black pregnancies end in abortion in the United States. This is empowerment? This is something to cheer, applaud and to be proud of?

It is one thing to have to do a dirty job that needs to be done, and that is exactly what abortion should be. It is quite another to proudly receive accolades and promote yourself as some great humanitarian. These People should be ashamed of themselves along with all those who degraded and diminished human life with applause and approval.

Read about my son Josh, born at 24 weeks: HERE


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