300 More Anti-Scientists Speak Up


In an earlier series I blogged called “Climate Politics one, two three“, I noted that (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration erased and replaced historic temperatures with lower data, which erased the long standing consensus that temperatures have not increased since the late nineties.

In an interview for the BBC back on February 14, 2010, Professor Phil Jones, the director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and instrumental researcher for the International Panel on Climate Change, admitted that in the past 15 years there has been;

“no statistically significant’ warming.”


“…1998 to 2008 — when no warming is seen,”

By lowering historical data numbers, the present temperatures show a dramatic rise in temperature since the nineties. This report was fortuitous is its release just before the Paris climate summit, reinforcing Obama’s agenda to squeeze trillions of tax dollars out of Americans.

Many scientists have spoken up concerned that the report was rushed and inaccurate. That touched off a congressional investigation into the report that NOAA had no intention of participating in. Congress demanded emails pertaining to the methodology of the report and NOAA refused to comply, forcing congress to subpoena the documents that NOAA claimed to be secret and private. I for one, would like to know why NOAA arbitrarily changed the temperatures and where they got the data from? For some reason, this is a big secret.

In addition to Judith Curry, who I blogged about a couple days ago, 300 more scientists have not come forward demanding NOAA release their data and stop the secrecy, according to Andrew Follett of DailyCaller.com. The scientists are warning NOAA that they are in violation of the “Data Quality Act“.

“In our opinion… NOAA has failed to observe the OMB [Office of Management and Budget] (and its own) guidelines, established in relation to the Data Quality Act.”

Who are these anti-science buffoons that NOAA wants everyone to ignore? 150 of the signers posses doctorates in a climate related field, but ignore that.

  • 25 climate or atmospheric scientists
  • 23 geologists
  • 18 meteorologists
  • 51 engineers
  • 74 physicists including one Nobel Prize winner
  • 20 chemists
  • 12 economists
  • 2 astronauts.

In my series “Climate Politics one, two three“, you will read ample evidence and confessions of scientists that they have no answers for the hiatus in temperature since 1998. Yet, one study has changed all that because it fits the political agenda.

The climate cash lobby heavily depend on the argumentum ad populum argument which holds that truth and accuracy is derived from consensus. Except in this case I guess where they are throwing out the last decade of science in favor of this one report. So apparently it doesn’t take a majority of scientists to change the course of consensus!

The NOAA report is embroiled in controversy and stinks of corruption. NOAA’s own scientists leaked their concerns, and their head scientists are defying Congressional authority to keep their methodology secret. In other words, why they decreased historical temperatures to make present day temperatures look that much higher? Much like “Climategate“, those involved are circling the wagons, resisting investigation and opposing transparency, again.


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