Muslim Hate – Anti-Semitism


The Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch, said her greatest fear is anti-Muslim rhetoric after the slaughter of 14 people in San Bernardino by Muslim radicals. She went on to say the Justice department would aggressively pursue and prosecute anyone who participates in anti-Muslim speech that “edges towards violence”.

Astonishingly, she said nothing about the victims, or her fear of more terrorist attacks, or the rise in Muslim converts to terrorism, or the need for the Muslim community to unite against these atrocities. Lynch said nothing about hunting down Islamist radicals but rather scolded Americans about speaking out against Islam. Her greatest fear is not more dead Americans, it is anti-Muslim bias.

According to the FBI, 2014 statistics, 16% of Muslims were victims of anti-Islamic bias In the U.S.. Between 2010 and 2014 there were more than 103 Muslim attacks around the world targeting Christians, Jews and other Muslims.

  • February 2013, two Coptic Christians beheaded by 28 year old Muslim Yusuf Ibrahim in New Jersey
  • March 2013, Christian father shot dead by Muslim son holding Quran in Ohio.
  • April 2013, Boston Marathon bombing by two Islamic extremists
  • April 2013, MIT campus officer Sean Collier 27, shot dead, Islamic Extremists, Boston

There were six more attacks in the USA up to the end of 2014 and still, only 16% of hate crimes in the United States were anti-Islamic. The media and public officials are very concerned about protecting and defending Muslims from any bias at the expense of everyone else.

Conversely, there is no mention or concern about anti-Jewish hate crime. Is it reasonable to defend American Muslim bias caused by atrocities committed in America, by self identified Muslims while condemning American Jews for alleged actions by Jews in Israel? The hypocrisy of the leftists has not gone unnoticed. Today’s social justice warrior is not for justice for all, but only for justice for those the left deem deserving.

According to the FBI, 56.8%, over half of all hate crimes in 2014 were anti-Jewish hate. Where is the media outrage? Where are the social justice warriors on this atrocity? Where is the government concern for out allies and Jewish citizens? I can only imagine if anti-Muslim bias increased 400% what the outcry would be.

Jews are by far, the most discriminated and hated religious/ethnic group in the United States. In fact, when you combine all other religious hate bias, Jews are still 13.7% more likely to be victims of hate crime, which translates to 648 Jewish victims vs 184 Muslim victims in 2014.

Jewish hatred out weighs every sexual orientation group, gender group and ethnicity. Only black racial bias is higher and that only by a couple of percentage points.

Anti- Jewish rhetoric and hate crime is steadily rising yet Lynch has nothing to say. She seems dispassionate about the almost four fold victimization of  Jews over Muslims. The media has nothing to say and the social justice warriors are silent as well. There are no Jews in the United States targeting, killing or raping Muslims. There are no Christians targeting, murdering or enslaving Muslims anywhere in the world yet the Muslim community enjoys preferential treatment by the media, the left and politicians.

As what can only be described as being a Muslim sympathizer, Obama refuses to acknowledge the rise in anti-semitic attacks while defending Islam. He disrespects the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, while embracing the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, who is an un-indicted co-conspirator linked to the anti-Jewish terror group Hamas.

The rise of the social warrior is not new. They are not the liberty and freedom fighters they try to portray, but just another brand of racism, their racism, which in their minds justified by what they believe to be right.


One thought on “Muslim Hate – Anti-Semitism

  1. Moreover, Islamists act in the name of Islam. Individual Jews, though they may offend or act criminally (Wolfowitz, Madoff, etc.), do not act in the name of Judaism or Jews. This is even true of Israel, which acts in the name of security. Nevertheless, the world readily conflates Jews with Israel’s actions (eg, BBC’s Tim Willcox found the Paris supermarket attack understandable) even as Western leaders insist that Koran-inspired terrorism has nothing to do with regular Koran-reading Muslims. (It doesn’t and shouldn’t; but still, the contradiction is striking.)
    Probably anti-Semitism is acceptable/invisible because it has been around so long that it is part of the natural landscape.


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