This blog is about critical thinking, common sense and facts. So much of what we read in the mainstream media is unchecked, fabricated or outright misinterpretations and contextual abominations.

I like to write about issues that are important to me and usually, how I have arrived at the conclusions I have made. I may not always be right, but I do try to support my positions with actual data, not hearsay, nor conflation, out of context cherry picking or subjective maceration of the facts.

Feel free to oppose my opinions as long as you back up your position with facts and statistics where possible. If you just want to rant without substance, that is welcome too, all though not substantively constructive to sway opinion.

All to often, people see what they want to see because of competing ideologies, and not always based on any real data. You may not agree with my ideology and I may not agree with yours, but at least it will be clear why we don’t agree.

If you find the posts interesting, or upsetting, please follow and share with friends so they too can revile or support them. Thankyou.


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