Twisted Journalism


News organizations routinely mislead the public and are guilty of bias as the journalists, who are supposed to be independent and neutral, often are not. This is a typical example of bias posted by “” news site.

If you listen to what Donald Trump says in the video above, it has no relationship to the title of the news piece which is,

“Despicable Donald Trump now calling Ted Cruz an ‘anchor baby’ – [VIDEO]”

This piece is an opinion not news, and not a very good opinion to boot, why? As you heard, Trump called Cruz a Canadian Anchor baby, though, Canada does not recognize those born there as citizens, as Trump also pointed out.

Anchor baby is a term used in the United States for people who travel to the country for one purpose, to give birth to obtain citizenship for that child, enabling family members to later immigrate. Hence, Anchor Baby, which Cruz is not since his mother was an American citizen, a point lost on the bias, misleading media.

The poster of this hit piece is obviously anti-Trump and is trying to garner disdain for him with illegal aliens and the PC strangled public.

You man also notice that the would-be journalist did not sign his name to the hit piece, he must be very proud.